2,597 individuals received emergency food.  

* 1,824 individuals received served meals. 

* 12 women benefitted from services to transition them to independence.

* 879 individuals benefitted from domestic violence programs.

* 127 young homeless mothers and their child lived at a group home.

* 520 hot meals were delivered to homebound individuals. 

* 311 individuals received outpatient drug & alcohol rehabilitation.

* 100 individuals received inpatient rehabilitation.

* 266 were assisted with guardianship for disabled individuals.

* 78 disabled individuals received employment & training.

* 5,366 seniors were given opportunities to give back to their community.

* 96 individuals received rent & utilities assistance

To make a lasting difference on the financial stability of individuals and families.

Erica K., Bill J., Connie B., Kristen L., MaryKay K.

 * 2,943 children attended Boy Scout & Girl Scout programs.

* 45 runaway youths had a safe place to stay.

* 4,147 children had a safe place to go before & after school.

* 163 individuals received GED, daycare, and employment & training assistance. 

* 244 children benefitted from mentoring services.

* 2,184 children enjoyed camp experiences.

* 98 infants & toddlers attend quality day care programs.

* 600 youths received education & intervention services for gambling, drug, & alcohol addictions.

* 3,498 individuals utilized community education & referral services.

* 46 individuals were assisted with disaster services.

* 1,837 people received financial literacy assistance.

* 4,078 people received help with prescription drug costs. 

* 1,478 individuals were referred to 2,064 programs through our information & referral line 211.

2015 United Way of Greater Niagara

Community Outcomes

To assist children in entering school ready to learn, engage in positive behavior and strive for academic achievement.

Dear Friends,

     The United Way of Greater Niagara is changing and we are confident that we are moving in the right direction, Although it has been a challenging year we as a team are bringing our agency back to basics. We will continue with our mission along with our vision. We encourage our community to participate whether it be through volunteerism or financially in our United Way programs that are conducted effectively through our local agencies. We are proud of our partnerships with Labor and we are appreciative of their strong commitment to the United Way of Greater Niagara. 

     We are a small energetic staff here at United Way of Greater Niagara. We appreciate our donors that have supported us over the years and we hope that you will continue to do so to help meet our communities needs. 

     Please call us at 716 731 4580 if you would like a speaker to come to your business or organization or you would like to know more about receiving services from the United Way programs.

                                                                         Thank you for Living United!

                                                             Interim President - Connie S. Brown 

                                                                     & all of the staff at United Way!

To improve lived and change community conditions through strategic and impactful services.

To encourage behaviors that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Our Focus