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Women United
Women United

Women United is a global growing network of over 70,000 women dedicated to creating a world of opportunity for everyone! This group of Passionate women aims to address the most critical needs in 145 local communities across the U.S., they collectively have raised over of $1 Billion in the last 12 years. Therefore, we wanted to bring women united to our community.

Women United of Greater Niagara is an influential group of community-minded women who will work with United Way to improve lives and build a better future for the Niagara community at the same time they will be inspiring and bringing value to women.

Please mail the Membership Application and Payment to:

Attention: Connie Brown
United Way of Greater Niagara
6420 Inducon Dr. West Suite B2,
Sanborn NY 14094.

Providing Services

Our Mission

“To bring women together in leadership, philanthropy and volunteerism. To promote personal and professional development by building a stronger community where we Learn, Work, Evolve and LIVE United”.

Our Vision

“To unite women in support of United Way of Greater Niagara's funded agencies and programs and encourage its growth and impact on the Niagara community”.

Our focus for 2023

Women’s health and to address critical issues impacting our community.

“We are a community of women who advocate and improve the lives of women and families. we urge all women to support and encourage each other. we must work together to strive for knowledge. we are committed to inspire, educate and motivate”! We are committed to support the local agencies in our community who are in need of food, clothing and other necessary items.