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Loyalty Society Program

People giving back in the community - UWGNWhat is it?

United Way of Greater Niagara recognizes our loyalty donors that have been giving back to the community through us for more than 5 years. No matter the amount given, we appreciate your loyalty to us and what we do for the Niagara County Community. Because of loyal donors, we are able to give back and improve the lives of many through Education, Financial Stability, and Health.

Touching so Many Lives

The energy, excitement, and enthusiasm of these generous donors inspires others and infuses hope into those who need it the most. 

The loyal, passionate, and committed leaders in our community dedicated to long-term giving so that others can have a sound education, enough money to support their families, and good health.

UWGN Leadership Programs Facts

Join Us

For more information, please contact [email protected] 716-731-4580 x209

Helps us make a chaange in our community!