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Welcome! Thank you for volunteering to assist your company and United Way by being the Campaign Coordinator. Your job is very important to the overall success of our annual campaign drive. Hundreds of individuals across Niagara County are playing the same role that you are to assist those in Niagara County who need support.

This page was created with you in mind. We hope to be able to answer questions or give you ideas on how to make your company's United Way campaign the best it can be. Click here to review the campaign coordinator guide.

Thank you !

What is a United Way Campaign?

Each year, we see United Way volunteers and staff members put on their campaign hats and venture out to raise money for the organization. Most of us attend meetings at our places of business, and many of us generously open our hearts and wallets. We do this with confidence, knowing that our money will go toward a “good cause.” We know United Way does “good things” for the community. But how much do we really know about the organization and about how our donations are being spent?

United Way of Greater Niagara is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in Niagara County by addressing critical human needs. The organization is unique in that we collaborate with many partner agencies to affect positive changes in Niagara County and the Tonawandas as efficiently as possible. When non-profit organizations work together, not only can more good be accomplished, but also the cost of fundraising is dramatically reduced, leaving more money for what is important: helping people.

In fact, 85 cents out of every dollar donated to United Way goes to programs or services who help people. Volunteers & Interns from around the county visit United Way’s partner agencies to evaluate their effectiveness and make funding recommendations to the United Way Staff & Board of Directors.

Why Run a Workplace Campaign with United Way?

Our goal is to help people move from challenges to success and build a stable life. Like your business, United Way of Greater Niagara is about partnerships, setting goals, efficiency and accountability. Here’s why a partnership with United Way makes sense:


  • It is a sound investment for your company. United Way’s knowledge of the community ensures contributions are channeled to where the needs are greatest.
  • United Way can help you develop a customized fundraising campaign that aligns with the values and interests of your organization and your employees. We also support in building your fundraising team and running a great campaign.
  • Convenience and affordability in giving options such as payroll deduction.
  • We process all donations, eliminating the need for a third party pledge processor that lacks the ability to bring year-round, community-wide recognition to you and your employees.
  • When your employees donate to United Way, 100% of their gift will be invested to help those in need.
  • Special recognition benefits for donors who give $1,000 and more annually.


The Campaign Co-Chairs are:

  • Nicolas Maniccia- KeyBank 
  • Denise Abbott - CWA 1168, DeGraff Memorial Hospital
  • Honorary Co-Chair - Michael Filicetti, Niagara County Sheriff


Click Here to read the Digital Program from this year's Annual Campaign Kickoff& Awards Breakfast!